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IP consulting company "Iskona II"
Intellectual Property Protection

The IP consulting company "Iskona-II" was founded in 1992 with the participation of leading specialists of the Patent Office of the Russian Federation led by Mr. Alexander Korchagin. In 1994 the company was headed by Ms. Elena A. Gavrilova. 15 employees work in the company, among of them there are several patent attorneys registered in the Patent Office ot the Russian Federation, a lawyer, methodologists, translators, consultants in different fields of engineering, stylists, and so on. Many specialists of the company have more than twenty years experience of activity in the field of right protection of objects of industrial property, including activity in the patent office of the Russian Federation. The company works with patents and trademarks not only in Russia, but also all countries of CIS, executes patenting of the inventions of Russian and foreign applicants according to the PCT procedure, the Eurasian convention; trademark registration on the Madrid agreement procedure and so on. "Iskona-II" conducts patenting of Russian invention on a national procedure in many countries of the world in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese.

"Iskona-II" permanently works with the inventions in the field of chemistry, medicine, pharmaceutics, electronics, metallurgy, light and food processing industry.

The main feature of the company activity and reduction of a volume of correspondence and terms of consederation of the applications in the Patent Office of the Russian Federation. The specialists of the company achieve this result at the expense of the careful analysis of stuffs at submission of new applications. The effeciency of our company activity is affirmed by high percent of decisions of grant under appications for patent and applications for trademark registration, industrial designs etc. We count, that the reliable right protection of objectsof the industrial property will enable the Russian developer to create competentive production, will give obvious advantages to patent owners, interfering with gratuitous use of the objects of the industrial property protected by security documents.

107078, Russia, Moscow
Krasnovorotskiy proezd, 3 bld.1, office 18
Tel: +7 499 975-1385
Fax: +7 499 975-1913
e-mail: iskona@online.ru